EdLampkin Presents: 樂 Chinese Pop Mixtape

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  EdLampkin Presents: 樂

EdLampkin, known for his exploration, is now tracking his musical path away from the Korean peninsula and taking to the Islands and coasts of the East and The South China Sea, specifically, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. With these selections, it is his hope to highlight the sounds he loves in a cohesive package that properly synthesizes Psych Pop, Rock, Funk, and Disco of the 70’s and early 80s. This project features Chinese interpretations of western styles of music which in its own right becomes a distinctive and an unmistakable sound. The selections vary in its genres, influences, languages, and culture. The only congealing element  is that they are broadly defined as Chinese pop. However, essentialization of foreign music can become a slippery slope for a self-aware selector. Not having the literacy to interpret Chinese characters our selector is now tasked with the job to put a puzzle together with a blindfold. With only his ear to guide him, he continues his noble pursuit to tell a story carefully and respectfully through his selections. 

The original art for the J-card is ,illustrated by Edlampkin himself, takes the likeness of a Mahjong tile. Mahjong is a game that is played throughout Asia in Sino and non-Sino speaking countries alike. His rationale was to unify these various times, places ,and cultures into a recognizable symbol of unmistakable significance. Mahjong is a game of strategic and calculated matching with a hint of luck. Through his collecting and curation of these treasures it’s safe to say that Ed has a winning hand.