Ed Lampkin Presents: 고추가루

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 Edlampkin presents his musical explorations into Korean culture with his tape: Gochugaru. Gochugaru, or Korean chili powder, is a foundational ingredient in Korean cooking that finds its way somehow in every dish. Gochugaru in a way is a synthesis of Korean life, culture ,and in Edlampkin’s own bizarre interpretation, music.  What he presents to you is a tape equipped with a laid-back A side ranging from pop, soul, rock, jazz-funk, and rare groove. The B side is for movers and shakers with a taste of the dance side of the Korean soul spectrum within the 108-114 bpm range. These are some of the very first cuts obtained by Ed on his hunt, and like a lot of people listening to the tape, an introduction into the unique flavor South Korea has to offer musically and spiritually.