Media Grading Policy

We do our best to grade records as conservatively as possible to ensure satisfaction with the media. Our grading standards for vinyl is as follows:

Sealed: Un-opend, unplayed

Mint: Unplayed, but packaging can be unsealed  

NM: No visible marks or lines, no background noise during play, record has few plays and vinyl is glossy.

VG++: No visible marks, lines nor ware, minimal to no background noise. 

VG+: A very small number of hairlines, marks or wear but should not affect play. Little to no background noise permitted.

VG: More hairlines, but should not affect play drastically. More Background noise permitted but should not overpower the music. 

VG-: Several harlines and wear permitted. More background noise and pops nearing the level of the music. 

G+: Record has many marks or scuff that could affect play. Background noise may be as loud as the music.