About Us

Mission Statement:


At All Spice Records we collect and curate music that speaks to us personally. The initial idea was to create a record store that we'd personally want to shop at by honing in on our specific interests in international music. We at All Spice believe that variety is the spice of life and that racism, xenophobia, nationalism, and cultural bias hinders individuals from enjoyment of music that can connect them to different cultures and lifestyles. It is our responsibility to make this great music accessible and to make it present in modern DJ culture. 


Adam, more wildly known under his KDVS 90.3FM alias Indiana Chones, is a seasoned community radio DJ who has been sonically emitting international delights since 2016. A boogie and soul music enthusiast since his youth, his ear eventually gravitated towards international sounds in the same vein. This love for obscure music from beyond our shores would lead into the premier format for such sounds, vinyl records. Encouragement from his peers compelled him to take it a step further and learn the art of DJ’ing. Adam's skillful beat-matching and cutting-edge selections rooted in dance-oriented music with international sensibilities landed him a residency at B-Side, a local venue dedicated to music played on Vinyl. The pandemic has not hindered his mission to share his love of music. Adapting to the times he has shifted his focus on making the records he plays accessible to others by spearheading the efforts to create All Spice Records. 



Ed Lampkin is a Northern California collector and curator of Rare Groove and Boogie Funk. Behind the decks, on the dance floor or in a sketchbook, he has collaborated with the hallmarks of Funk in the area. If he is not eating dumplings with chili oil or slapping synth bangers, he is most likely playing smooth music while pretending to be on a yacht. A man of many musical ventures and a true spice hound, he hunts the earth for rare slaps.